Lottie Reay

About Me

Practising artist and Head of Art at Woldingham School, Surrey. UK. 

I am interested in creating new narratives between disconnected objects, often placing them within complex, shifting spaces. Drills from a 1920s dental station, sit alongside Greek votives, boiler parts and prosthetic limbs, mouths smile, grids contain and hands push and pull. We question the situation and the purpose of the objects, will they hurt, repair, laugh, heal, silence? Who do the hands and mouths belong to? The work is playful yet sinister, inviting yet unsettling. 

The Wellcome Collection inspires much of my work, the objects reveal their stories, discordant gadgets sit alongside each other creating new conversations and avenues to explore. They become tangible insights into the past, revealing knowledge, ignorance, power, control, faith and hope. 

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